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Monday, April 20, 2009

Peep Diorama

Peep Diorama Contest

You've been planning and now the time has arrived!
Please drop off your Peep Diorama this week
April 20th - April 25th
We hope everyone will join the fun!

What eggsactly is a diorama? defines a diorama as:

a scene, often in miniature, reproduced in three dimensions by placing objects, figures, etc., in front of a painted background.

How to make your own Peep Diorama

Step 1: Buy a package of Peeps or visit
to print out a picture of a Peep.

Step 2: Find a shoebox, a small box, or a small container
to decorate.

I chose a shoebox to use for my diorama.

Step 3: Decorate the outside of your container.
Be creative...You can use construction paper,
crayons, markers, paint... Be sure to protect your
workspace with newspaper when using messy art supplies.

Step 4: Decorate the inside of your container.
I chose to color the inside pink & silver.

Step 5: Add some decoration to the container.
I chose to use glitter glue, stars, regular glue,
and a stamper. These items can be found at the
Dollar Store, Walmart, Target, grocery stores,
or office supply stores.

I used the glitter glue and star stamp to
decorate the inside of my container.

Step 6: Find some supplies in your house
that you can use to decorate the inside of the diorama.
I used the aluminum foil to create microphones,
the brown string to hang the decorations from the
ceiling of the shoebox, and yellow yarn for my Peep's hair.

Step 7: Use construction paper to create objects
for your diorama.
Be careful when using scissors...ask an adult for help.
I chose to cut out a black guitar for my diorama.
I colored the guitar with crayons.

Step 8: Time to decorate your Peep.
You can leave the Peep as it is or you can add something to it.

I chose to use glue and toothpicks to make my Peep stand up by using 4 Peeps. One for the head, one for each leg (2), and one pulled in half for the arms. It does get a bit sticky taking apart the Peeps and gluing them. I used the toothpicks to connect all of the Peeps together.

Next, I made a big microphone out of a picture
clip holder and some aluminum foil.
Use your imagination to create items for your diorama.

Step 9: Now it is time to add your creations to your container. I hung circle stars from the ceiling of my box using string and tape. Then I placed my big microphone on the stage.

Step 10: Add your Peeps to your container. I used two purple Peeps with aluminum foil microphones as the back up singers for my diorama.

Next, I added my Hannah Montana "Hannah Peeptana" to my diorama.

The finished product. A Hannah Montana Peeps Diorama.
I hope that you had as much fun making your Peep Diorama as I did! We can't wait to see your Peep Diorama at the library.
Remember to be creative. You can use any idea for decorating your diorama. Some ideas are book characters, sports, tv shows, favorite hobbies, chickens or anything!

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